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Up for review today is a Cuban Stock Extra Torpedo.

The Cuban Stock Extra is made from pure Dominican grown tobacco. The filler, binder and wrapper are all specially fermented in the Dominican tobacco fields for phenomenal flavor. The tobacco is aged for many years in oak wine barrels. I don’t say this very often, but this cigar might just rival any Cuban cigar out there!

Size: 6.25 x 52
Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican Maduro
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Price: $6.50 Online
Paired with a Dr. Pepper
Burn: perfect throughout!

Construction & Appearance:
Construction was pretty veiny with a couple of the veins sticking out a bit but it didn’t bother me.

Pre-lit… Smooth perfect open draw
The cold aromas that radiated from the wrapper and the foot were a nice mix of spice and cedar with a hint of chocolate. I found the cigar to be well packed and once the torpedo head was clipped with my scissors, the cold draw was perfect containing notes of sweet cream, spice and the same hint of chocolate found in the wrapper.


First– This stick started off with a cold draw. It was very smooth
and very smoky! It felt dark and crisp on the palate and had a very white ash.

It was here that I realized I was smoking it too hard and my tongue got pretty hot. I eased up a bit
and the cigar was fine. Here i noticed the torpedo cap was oozing juices that taste excellent… like tobacco and cream, nuts, and earth. It reminded me of a sweet bowl of tobacco in my pipe!
Excellent cigar… I was already feeling the nicotine at this point and the cigar held a perfect burn!


Entering into the second portion, the cigar finally ashed and it picked up more sweetness in the cap of the torpedo. I noted here “My tongue is loving this!” I picked up on some mocha and chocolate here.


Throughout this cigar there was a ton of smoke! The ash became a little flakey but that corrected.

Entering the third:
It’s here that i am reminded this thing is smooth and definitely full bodied.
It is still producing a ton of beautiful smoke. The creamy taste continues with a very satisfactory flavor sticking to the palate.


I loved this cigar! This could most definitely be an any-type-occasion cigar. And yet, this is one i would want to sit down and enjoy. It is strong but not too strong. I think it will stay at the top of my list for a while! I would strongly recommend this cigar. I simply loved this stick from beginning to end and if you don’t give one a try, you are missing out!



Well, Spring is definitely in the air! And what that means for me is allergies. I must have sneezed a zillion times this weekend. It was a very relaxing weekend, that didn’t entail all that much and yet I kept myself very busy. For me, my weekends begin on Thursday nights. Thursday nights are usually Hurf times and all the guys will get together. This time, it was myself and my friend Dan. Everyone else was busy. I enjoyed #cigarchatlive on the iPhone and enjoyed a Punch while chatting.


I followed that stick up with a Carlos Toranos Virtuoso… A great Cigar!

I am blessed to have every Friday off, and that day is considered Daddy Day. I love having the day with the kids, and getting to relax and smoke a cigar at my leisure. This past Friday, I enjoyed a new favorite, Eddie Ortega’s new stick called the Ortega Serie “D” I smoked the #8. It was an excellent stick!


While smoking it, I took some fun pics and messed with them in Instagram. I posted them on Twitter, and Eddie liked one so much he used it for his Facebook page. I was honored. Here’s the one he used…


Friday night, I asked my parents to watch the kids, & I took Susanna out to see “The Hunger Games.” It was a great movie. I felt bad, though, because about 20 minutes in, I picked up a cough. I wasn’t able to shake it off and I struggled with a tickle in my throat all night.

Saturday morning, I was up and on a mission. I knew that this coming week was going to be rather warm, so I seized the opportunity Saturday and trimmed the tree in our front yard. Then, when I realized I had limbs all over the place, I called my dad. Luckily, because it was a beautiful day, he was off cruising in his Corvette. He didn’t take the truck, so I ran over and picked it up, loaded up the leaves and other trash, and headed to the dump. I took my son, Hayden, with me. He loved it! He’s 4 and he’d never been to the dump so I thought he might enjoy it. He also enjoyed the picnic we had on the back porch with Sonic burgers and tater tots when we got home. It was just one of those kind of weekends when you wanted to be outside! The rest of Saturday included weed eating and mowing the grass. Then, I had to spray to try and kill all these weeds off. I took a short break to enjoy one of my “go to” cigars, a Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee Box Pressed. It’s a great cheap stick that I often differ to if I’m doing yard work or something that’s not going to allow me to sit and savor a smoke.


Sunday, we went to church then went out to eat at an old diner called the Jinny Lind Country Cafe. It’s a little diner that used to be a school house. In fact, it’s where my grandmother attended school as a child.


Good home style cooking! I enjoyed the catfish. We came home afterwards and all took long naps. We had some friends come over later for dinner. I’m still struggling with my cough, but hanging in there. Unfortunately, this cough has been too bad to allow me to have a cigar and that’s driving me nuts! Hopefully that will change here real soon. I’ve got a few humidors full and more on the way. Gotta get to feeling better. Well, I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a wonderful start to your week.


Kristoff Ligero Maduro Torpedo

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Up for review is a Kristoff Ligero Maduro Torpedo…


I picked up this cigar from Cigar InternationaI. I’d never had one, so I grabbed a five pack. I love the oily appearance & shaggy foot, as well as the tight torpedo cap. I prefer using my regular double bladed cutter on a torpedo and a punch on a regular cap. This was obviously a torpedo. I paired this cigar with a Coke over ice. I never really drank much though because the cigar taste was so incredibly pleasant!

Wrapper: Brazil

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican, Nicaragua

Size: Maduro Torpedo 6 1/8 x 52

Price: Around $6.00

Pull up a chair, kick back, and relax because it is time for my first official cigar review. This time around, I will discuss what the Kristoff Maduro Torpedo has to offer.

The Kristoff brand of cigars is produced by Exclusive Cigars, a boutique manufacturer founded in 2005. The Kristoff Maduro line was released in 2007 as a follow-up to the Kristoff Criollo line that preceded it in 2006. The Maduro is a Cuban-style cigar produced using the same traditional methods that made Cuban cigars so popular in the first place.
The Kristoff Maduro Torpedo measures 6 1/8 x 52. Other than the Torpedo, three other sizes are offered from the line: the 5 ½ x 54 Robusto, the 6 ½ x 56 Matador, and the 7 x 50 Churchill. The Torpedo’s filler is a blend of aged Nicaraguan Cuban-seed and Dominican Cuban-seed tobaccos. The binder is Dominican, and the cigar is finished off with a Brazilian Maduro wrapper. If you are not a fan of the Maduro wrapper, the Kristoff is also offered with a Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper. Made in the Dominican Republic, the Maduro Torpedo is considered to be medium-bodied.

Looking at it, the Kristoff Maduro Torpedo seems to be a pretty standard stick. Not much flair is used to draw attention to it, but then again, its meant for smoking and not to look pretty. The Maduro wrapper gives the cigar a rich, dark color and also allows you to see plenty of oiliness when put under light. There are some large veins that are noticeable and the stick feels pretty firm when given a quick feel.

Pre-smoke & Construction:
Taking a whiff before lighting uncovers an earthy scent, and the cold taste is a bit sweet. There are two unassuming bands near the head of the cigar that are light brown in color and almost hard to see. The top band shows the Kristoff name and the smaller band beneath it displays the Maduro label. The wrapper had a dark, oily appearance with no visible flaws. The smell coming off of the wrapper and foot had a woody smell. The cigar was pretty evenly packed, with only a minor soft spot or two. The pre-light draw had a little resistance, and had dark, somewhat earthy flavors.

Upon first puff you’re met with earth and toasted almonds. The blend then transitions into a medium body as light hints of spice make their way through your senses. After lighting up the Maduro Torpedo, the first third brought one word to my mind: Smooth. There were earthy notes way in the back ground. Woodiness and sweet co-co seemed to be dominant, but there was a nice coffee flavor mixed in there as well.

The cigar burns very nicely. It’s a nice, rich, floral smoke as the blend burns absolutely perfectly. It produces long, white ash and has an even burn. This is one cigar where keeping the lighter close by is not necessary, as touch-ups and re-lights aren’t needed. I experienced two interruptions: a phone call and a trip to the restroom, neither of which the cigar ever burned out. The former was only a minute or two, and without going into details, the latter took a bit longer. I had expected the cigar to have burned out, but alas it did not. I loved that it maintained being lit as a cigar typically doesn’t do as well if relit.

The second third saw in increase in coffee flavor. The woodiness decreased, and the sweet co-co/chocolate picked up in strength. It was more of a sweet creamy flavor. There was a slight cinnamon left in the aftertaste.

The last third had an increase in that sweet, cinnamon spice. It left a nice lingering tingle in the mouth and on the lips. The smoke became creamier, and resembled caramel. When passing smoke though the nose, the increase in strength was very noticeable. Coffee was up next, along with co-co or chocolate. The woody notes fell into the background, but would pop out from time to time.


Wow what a nice cigar. The combination of creaminess, sweetness, spice, body… everything about this smoke hit the spot for me. There isn’t really anything more I can say. Try this medium to full bodied cigar! This is one super elegant maduro! With a hearty flavor, a smooth finish, and some sweet notes that bring relief from some of the spice, Kristoff Maduro delivers!

This past Tuesday night, a couple of my good ole cigar-smoking buddies and myself jumped into the Jetta and road tripped up and over to Tulsa, OK. We drove the 2 hour and 15 minutes simply to attend the Classic Cigars Oliva Event! And it was very well worth it!
Downtown Tulsa is growing, and trying to find a parking spot around all the construction demonstrated the growth. But, again, it was well worth it.
Classic Cigars is located at 118 N. Boston Ave. This is their second location. The original is in Owasso. Here’s a pic upon arriving…

Upon arriving at CC’s, Chris was at the cash register, and Jack, the Oliva Sales Rep, was at his left with a display of their selections. When walking into the store front, you immediately are confronted by beautiful inventory. CC had a large selection of cigar humidors, Xicar traveling humidors, as well as cutters, lighters, pipes, pipe tobaccos and other varieties of merchandise.
It’s a very clean store that’s been open for business just 4 months now. As you enter the store, immediately you see two more doors further inside. This is where someone driving by might have thought the place was dead… Because from the looks of things outside, it was pretty quiet. But, it’s here that you see these two doors…

The door on the left takes you into a huge, beautiful humidor fully stocked with anything and everything you could imagine!

However, the door on the right takes you to the bar and lounge area, and it’s beautiful as well!
As soon as you enter this area, there’s an increase in aroma, music, conversations, leather furniture, pub tables, big screen tv’s, and anything and everything else you would come to love and expect when looking for a great place to chill and enjoy a beer or a cigar.


Each table was beautifully decorated with ashtrays as well as cigar cutters and reading materials for those who might even be visiting the bar on a solo trip. As you walk in through what I referred to as the “corridor” you have leather couches and chairs on your right and the bar is on your left. The waitresses/bar tenders are super friendly, and all had incredible knowledge of different beverages as any excellent bartender should. Here’s a pic of our table…

Did I mention that we were there on MardiGras? It was a great night full of free desserts and sample mixtures from the bar, not to mention a couple free cigars we scored from purchasing Olivas back in the shop as well as free MardiGras beads to help set the mood for the evening. Our waitress was a trip… Morgan, she kept us laughing every time she came by.

As you pass the bar, the restrooms were on your left followed by a wheelchair ramp on the far right for handicap access. The ceilings are very tall, giving the feel of an industrial type old warehouse made into cigar bar. It was great. It was also very well ventilated, drawing up the smoke pretty quick. These guys have seriously thought of everything!

Passing the restrooms, leads you to the area referred to as “The Pit.” It’s a nice room where we found ourselves hanging out most of the night.


This is my buddy Aaron with Nina Weiss. Before the night was over, this guy had scored himself a sample box of Olivas from one of the raffles.

Over all, I give Classic Cigars two thumbs up! Everything about this place was just awesome!
Plenty of seating, plenty of cigars, plenty of drinks. The staff were outstanding. The conversations were wonderful. If you are headed to Tulsa, put Classic Cigars on your list! It’s a must!

Classic Cigars Cigar Lounge
Chris & Nina Weiss

118 N. Boston
Tulsa, OK 74103
(918) 960-2646

Here We Go!

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 Here’s a pic of me on a backpacking trip I take every year with one of my best friends, Brad Grizzle.  This was last year’s trip, and due to bad weather, we were unable to go this past year.  I was smoking a Romeo & Julieta Habana Cuban. This is located at Hawksbill Crag…

This has been a while in the making and yet, here we are… This will be a fun little setup, and I’ll continue to learn as I go, but I look forward to reviewing great cigars here!