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La Gloria Cubana Serie N

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Cigar
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Up for review today is the La Gloria Cubana Serie N.

Size: JSB 5.5×54
Wrapper: Capa Oscura
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $6.50
Paired with: Dr. Pepper
Full bodied

Construction & Appearance:
It looked excellent upon removing the cellophane. Once I did, I liked it all the more.
Beautiful, dark wrapper! Very rigid, rough skin texture beautiful dark oily some very rough spots and yet some very smooth spots .. I would say there’s even dents in this cigar!

Looked amazing… But when i went to use the scissors the cap fell off completely!
I tried to repair it and it seems to work. I had issues throughout the smoke and yet I managed.


First… With the cap back on tastes of cedar spice pepper
I was afraid the burn was going to even be off but it seems to have corrected

Right off the bat… Very very smoky cigar.


Loving the smoke finishing up the first third… Deep woodsy smell note spice on the palate but spice in the aroma. Burn is just about flawless now.


2nd ashed going into the 2nd

Here’s a video clip of this…


Cap is still on and hanging solid.
Getting a lot of sweets from the cap… Very pleasant to the tongue.
Very smokey… Flavor has maintained with a little bit of cream & dark fruity sweetness picking up here.

Becoming fuller in body yet still smooth. Still burning flawlessly.



I smoked this thing down to the nub, and enjoyed every bit of it. I assume I just had a cigar that had a bad cap. That kind of thing happens. So I look past it. A great cigar. Pick one up. You will enjoy it.



Up for review today is the Nomad Fugitive.


Here’s what i want to do here… I want to give you some basic info about Nomad, especially since these guys are new, then i want to give you my own opinion…

Basic info:
As seen on their website,, this company is full of great personality, and that personality is all because of Fred Rewey, aka @GodFadr on Twitter. The “Fugitive” cigar is the cigar that put Nomad on the map and the Limited 2012 Edition is only available direct from Nomad.
Rewey launched his first line of Nomad Cigars just weeks ago, and this cigar is worth noting!
It’s created in the heart of the Dominican Republic with Dominican filler and binder with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.

When asked about the cost of the cigars, Fred stated, “It doesn’t do any good staying focused on a [low] price point if you can’t deliver a solid cigar. Fortunately, at the end of the day, we were able to procure amazing tobacco and deliver it at an affordable price.”

The Fugitive is Nomad’s flagship cigar. The 2012 Limited Edition is 5 7/8” in length with a max ring size of 64. The Fugitive has a unique feature being tapered on both ends.

There are also some others available in the initial line:
The “Drifter.” – Full 6” in length and a 60 Ring gauge.
The “Navigator” – A 6” Torpedo
The Renegade – A traditional 5 ½” x 54 Robusto
The Vagabond – 4 5/8” in length with a max ring size of 54 (also tapered on both ends).
Check back here as I’ll be smoking and blogging about those cigars as well.

Nomad also set out to shake up the cigar buying experience in two ways. One, people can go online and register for Nomad’s “Fugitive Club,” a cigar referral program that enables smokers to gain points and redeem for Nomad swag or even cigars. Secondly, Fred personally signs each order and Nomad has been known to throw “something extra” in the cigar orders – just to say thanks.

Nomad was focused on two factors from the very beginning; the cigars themselves and creating an unprecedented access to the company. It’s without question that they have accomplished both.

My own opinion and review:
Here it is… the “Fugitive”

Honestly, I had no expectations. I didn’t really know what to expect. But when I got this thing out and lit it up, I was very pleased and surprised! You guys have to pick up some of these!!!

This is a beautiful cigar. It’s oily, yet perfectly smooth and easy on the eyes. I love the shape! Upon cutting the cap, I was able to draw from this thing perfectly with some cedar like tones.

First Third:
Right off the bat, this thing had a smooth and perfect draw. I could almost immediately taste coco and pepper. But the pepper was quick to taper off and what remained was chocolate with more coco returning. I was surprised by that for some reason. I guess because it didn’t look like a real chocolatey cigar to me.

Something that I noticed throughout the smoke was that the burn was perfect. I never had any problems. And it had an absolutely wonderful aftertaste. I actually liked the taste this cigar left in my mouth. It made me want another one, however, I hadn’t eaten enough breakfast for a second one.

I said it once already, but I’ll note it again… this is a beautiful smoke. It produced a great white smoke, and the cigar was perfect in smoothness and in texture with smooth veins.

Halfway: I noticed at the halfway point that I had something oily feeling on my lips and the tip of my tongue. I think it was simply the oils from the cigar wrapper and cap portion. Whatever it was, I loved it. I could actually feel the oils, and it brought me back for more after every puff.

The last third and nub:

The chocolate was fully there with simply a great aroma. I had paired this cigar with a Starbucks Pikes Roast… my favorite when it comes to my morning cup of coffee. It paired wonderfully, drawing out more of the chocolate, coco, and aromas. I mention this here, because I was this far into the cigar when I realized I had never stopped to get a drink. I simply couldn’t put this cigar down. Whenever you realize you have smoked over half a cigar and never taken a drink, that’s when you know you’ve got an excellent cigar!

Contact info:
Fred “Godfadr” Rewey, Nomad Cigar Company
Twitter: @Godfad
Phone: 855-MYNOMAD (or 855-696-6623)

This past Tuesday night, a couple of my good ole cigar-smoking buddies and myself jumped into the Jetta and road tripped up and over to Tulsa, OK. We drove the 2 hour and 15 minutes simply to attend the Classic Cigars Oliva Event! And it was very well worth it!
Downtown Tulsa is growing, and trying to find a parking spot around all the construction demonstrated the growth. But, again, it was well worth it.
Classic Cigars is located at 118 N. Boston Ave. This is their second location. The original is in Owasso. Here’s a pic upon arriving…

Upon arriving at CC’s, Chris was at the cash register, and Jack, the Oliva Sales Rep, was at his left with a display of their selections. When walking into the store front, you immediately are confronted by beautiful inventory. CC had a large selection of cigar humidors, Xicar traveling humidors, as well as cutters, lighters, pipes, pipe tobaccos and other varieties of merchandise.
It’s a very clean store that’s been open for business just 4 months now. As you enter the store, immediately you see two more doors further inside. This is where someone driving by might have thought the place was dead… Because from the looks of things outside, it was pretty quiet. But, it’s here that you see these two doors…

The door on the left takes you into a huge, beautiful humidor fully stocked with anything and everything you could imagine!

However, the door on the right takes you to the bar and lounge area, and it’s beautiful as well!
As soon as you enter this area, there’s an increase in aroma, music, conversations, leather furniture, pub tables, big screen tv’s, and anything and everything else you would come to love and expect when looking for a great place to chill and enjoy a beer or a cigar.


Each table was beautifully decorated with ashtrays as well as cigar cutters and reading materials for those who might even be visiting the bar on a solo trip. As you walk in through what I referred to as the “corridor” you have leather couches and chairs on your right and the bar is on your left. The waitresses/bar tenders are super friendly, and all had incredible knowledge of different beverages as any excellent bartender should. Here’s a pic of our table…

Did I mention that we were there on MardiGras? It was a great night full of free desserts and sample mixtures from the bar, not to mention a couple free cigars we scored from purchasing Olivas back in the shop as well as free MardiGras beads to help set the mood for the evening. Our waitress was a trip… Morgan, she kept us laughing every time she came by.

As you pass the bar, the restrooms were on your left followed by a wheelchair ramp on the far right for handicap access. The ceilings are very tall, giving the feel of an industrial type old warehouse made into cigar bar. It was great. It was also very well ventilated, drawing up the smoke pretty quick. These guys have seriously thought of everything!

Passing the restrooms, leads you to the area referred to as “The Pit.” It’s a nice room where we found ourselves hanging out most of the night.


This is my buddy Aaron with Nina Weiss. Before the night was over, this guy had scored himself a sample box of Olivas from one of the raffles.

Over all, I give Classic Cigars two thumbs up! Everything about this place was just awesome!
Plenty of seating, plenty of cigars, plenty of drinks. The staff were outstanding. The conversations were wonderful. If you are headed to Tulsa, put Classic Cigars on your list! It’s a must!

Classic Cigars Cigar Lounge
Chris & Nina Weiss

118 N. Boston
Tulsa, OK 74103
(918) 960-2646