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Up for review today is a Victor Sinclair Vintage Select.

Size:Huge 6×70
Wrapper: Brazil
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican Piloto Cubano
Price: $2.00 Cigarbid gift from a friend
Paired with: cup of Starbucks House Blend

It should be noted the cigar comes in four other different sizes:
Churchill 7 X 50
Robusto 5.5 x 50
Toro 6 X 50
Torpedo 6.5 X 54

Construction & Appearance:
From the looks of this cigar, when it arrived in the mail, I naturally assumed there was no way I would ever smoke it. But, with three months in the humidor, I decided it was worth a shot, and it was taking up some good space. It looked excellent upon removing the cellophane. Once I did, I liked it all the more. Beautiful, dark wrapper! Slightly rigid, rough skin texture beautiful dark oily cigar with no soft or hard spots.

After cutting the cap with my scissors, which took a bit longer than normal, I got a dry draw of nuts and hints of chocolate.


1st: Great draw for such a huge cigar! I picked up within just a few puffs, tons of chocolate, nuts, coffee, and cream.



2nd: Absolutely shocked at how smooth and pleasant this cigar is with the same flavors and aromas coming from this cigar of chocolate and coffee.



3rd: Picked up even more here with flavors and tastes of mocha, cream, and the continuing chocolate and coffee. This is truly a chocolate bar! It ashed seconds after this pic was taken. I was very surprised at the consistency and the ash! Excellent cigar.


Conclusion: This thing is huge! It was one of those cigars that was given to me as a funny thought, and yet, with some boldness at being willing to try it, I was very pleasantly surprised. I am glad they have other sizes, and yet at the same time, I’m excited that I have a few more of these in the humidor. This thing’s a beast. And yet, it’s super mild. You don’t have to eat a steak or two before smoking this one. Pick one up, I dare ya!

Long ashes,



Perdomo Habano Toro Maduro

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Cigar
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Up for review today is a Perdomo Habano Toro Maduro

Wrapper: Triple-fermented Maduro from Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
FIller: Nicaragua

Construction and Appearance:
Beautiful texture, gorgeous band with the Maduro band on the foot
A couple of solid veins on the side but very smooth
No soft or hard spots
Time in Humidor: 2 weeks
Paired with a Dr Pepper
Price: $5.00 each
Size: Toro 5.5×54
Medium-Full Bodied


This cigar smells good all over.
I cut the cap with my scissors, and had a perfect easy draw immediately without needing any corrections.


1st: Great draw! I picked up within just a few puffs, hints of pepper and spice. It began with a very robust yet cold taste.


2nd: All I can say here is that this thing is smooth. I picked up on creamy tastes with notes of butter, tobacco, and still cool smoke on the palate. It also had a hint of coco and a fruity sweetness.



3rd: Through the third, the cream and butter continued. This cigar has a beautiful aroma that I loved simply to sit and smell while I was smoking. I found that I loved smoking it as much as I enjoyed smelling the smoke it was producing.


This is an excellent cigar! I just put this thing down and all I can say is, “Wow.” I highly recommend this Perdomo, and for the price, you can’t go wrong! If you haven’t tried one, give it a shot. I doubt you will disagree!


Up for review today is the Cuban Stock Royal Selection Box Pressed Toro #3


Many thanks to Cuban Stock Cigars for providing this sample for review! They are an excellent cigar, and have easily become one of my faves!

The Cuban Stock Royal Selection is a master blend of the best Dominican grown tobacco aged in a wine barrel for 6 years, with a dark Ecuador wrapper which is shiny and silky. This cigar is full of rich coffee and nut flavors, and is medium to full bodied and super smooth. After all, they treat the tobacco for years, and the results are an absolutely royal class cigar.

Brief History:
Cuban Stock Cigar ‘s factory is located in Santiago, Dominican Republic and has been established since 1995. Some of you may know them under their original name Crown David Cigars. Since their product recognition was so strong with their consumers, it seemed like a natural transition to change the company’s name to reflect their flagship cigar, Cuban Stock. They are now Crown David, Inc, DBA Cuban Stock Cigar Co. Their first cigar was the “Cuban Stock” cigar. The name Cuban Stock name seemed such a natural choice since they were using many authentic Cuban cigar making traditions. They used tobacco grown from Cuban seeds, fermented their cigars using old Cuban techniques, capped the cigars Cuban style, and used traditional style packaging. As they grew, they added very unique cigars to their line. The original Cuban Stock became known as the Cuban Stock Classic. The next in creation was the Cuban Stock Royal Selection followed by the Cuban Stock Reserve. They continued with the Chubbys line, one of the first 60 ring gauge cigars to emerge in 1999. Then Exquisito Double Capa followed. It showcased a most unique cigar with two contrasting wrappers and came in unique shapes. In 2000, they started to make the most delicious flavored cigars, the Delicioso. In 2004, they came out with the Joya de Havana, using 100% Honduran tobacco. It became an immediate hit, bold and tasty. In the 2009 New Orleans trade show, they were proud to launch two extremely great cigars; they introduced the Cuban Stock Extra and the Chubbys Ultimate. It took 6 years to get to the final product, starting by choosing the location to grow the tobacco, continued by perfecting the unique agricultural environment in which the tobacco grew. They spent 6 months perfecting their final tobacco blend for a superior smoking experience. Both the Cuban Stock Extra and the Chubby Ultimate are aged in wine barrels. Their labels were the final step in showcasing these amazing tasting and looking cigars, and the rustic boxes made them just perfect.

Cigar: Cuban Stock Royal Selection
Size: 6 x 50 (Toro) #3
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium/Full

Appearance and Construction: The wrapper of this stick reminds me of the color of a coffee bean. The wrapper has some significant medium sized veins and it is very oily. The cigar itself is box pressed and there is a fair amount of of tooth especially on the sides. The Cuban Stock Royal Selection has a dual band system. The one near the cap is eye catching and has colors of cream, red, black and gold. The band at the foot is a nice touch and I personally feel all non cellophane cigars should have one to prevent damage in storage.
I didn’t have any spots that were too hard or too soft.
I paired this cigar with a good ole Dr. Pepper.


It had the smell of chocolate just in holding it up to the nose. To start off, this cigar had a perfect draw prior to being lit. I used my new Xikar scissors to snip the cap, and the pre-lit draw taste was earthy and very pleasant. It reminded me of Green tea, with an earthy taste.


The first third of the cigar offers some wonderful coffee notes that are easily identifiable. It had a pleasant aroma and a taste of peppers and spice right off the bat. It also had a very bright red burn at the beginning.


The Royal Selection was very peppery and earthy during the 1st inch, but then this toro smoothed out with the pepper dissipating, leaving an earthy smoke that had hints of leather and a slight spice flavor.

As we enter the second third of the cigar, the aging process is noticeable as the cigar begins to offer notes of black cherry. At this point in the smoke, I was reminded of why I love cigars. There’s nothing more relaxing. My thoughts here were simply “This is a fine cigar!” At this point the taste of pepper was completely gone, and what remained was a very smooth earthy tobacco taste with a touch of cinnamon and some cedar tones.


The final third of the cigar there are notes of cherry, oak and some nuts on the finish that made this a nice cigar with a decent complexity. It stayed consitent past the midpoint, then developed some dried fruit flavors creeping in during the last 1/3.
The burn of the cigar is extremely even and it produces a nice amount of smoke. I loved it!


The draw and burn were perfect throughout. This stick smoked slowly and evenly, and stayed lit very well. I smoked this for an hour and a half! To be honest, i expected this cigar to be excellent, and was not disappointed. The aging in wine barrels gave this cigar a nice sweetness, but note this is not a flavored or infused cigar. The notes are no different then others normally found in a cigar. I was so impressed with this cigar that I can’t wait to get my hands on more of them. A pleasant surprise and a very good smoke!

This is an excellent cigar! It’s one of my new favorites! It smells wonderful. It looks beautiful. It’s a pleasure to hold and to smoke. It was well made and the tobacco is of very high quality. I loved its complexity and smoothness. I would strongly recommend picking up one of these sticks if not a few at your local tobacconist. If they don’t carry them, encourage them to start!