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Up for review today is a Victor Sinclair Vintage Select.

Size:Huge 6×70
Wrapper: Brazil
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican Piloto Cubano
Price: $2.00 Cigarbid gift from a friend
Paired with: cup of Starbucks House Blend

It should be noted the cigar comes in four other different sizes:
Churchill 7 X 50
Robusto 5.5 x 50
Toro 6 X 50
Torpedo 6.5 X 54

Construction & Appearance:
From the looks of this cigar, when it arrived in the mail, I naturally assumed there was no way I would ever smoke it. But, with three months in the humidor, I decided it was worth a shot, and it was taking up some good space. It looked excellent upon removing the cellophane. Once I did, I liked it all the more. Beautiful, dark wrapper! Slightly rigid, rough skin texture beautiful dark oily cigar with no soft or hard spots.

After cutting the cap with my scissors, which took a bit longer than normal, I got a dry draw of nuts and hints of chocolate.


1st: Great draw for such a huge cigar! I picked up within just a few puffs, tons of chocolate, nuts, coffee, and cream.



2nd: Absolutely shocked at how smooth and pleasant this cigar is with the same flavors and aromas coming from this cigar of chocolate and coffee.



3rd: Picked up even more here with flavors and tastes of mocha, cream, and the continuing chocolate and coffee. This is truly a chocolate bar! It ashed seconds after this pic was taken. I was very surprised at the consistency and the ash! Excellent cigar.


Conclusion: This thing is huge! It was one of those cigars that was given to me as a funny thought, and yet, with some boldness at being willing to try it, I was very pleasantly surprised. I am glad they have other sizes, and yet at the same time, I’m excited that I have a few more of these in the humidor. This thing’s a beast. And yet, it’s super mild. You don’t have to eat a steak or two before smoking this one. Pick one up, I dare ya!

Long ashes,




Up for review today is one of my good old favorites that I felt I have smoked way too many of and to be fair to them, they deserve a review… So here goes.

Size: 5.5×55 box-press vitola
Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: What’s unique about this stick is the wrapper. It’s ugly and veiny as you can tell, and yet I like it. The wrapper is neither a broadleaf or a shade-grown. It was cultivated in a small region of the Connecticut River Valley, here in the USA!
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua and Dominican Republic
Price: $1.50 a stick!
Paired with a Dr. Pepper usually
Burn: all over! sometimes they are perfect, sometimes they get a little off track. But, for $1.50… it’s fine.

Construction and Appearance: I think this is a beautiful cigar. Veiny but beautiful. The wrapper is incredibly soft. There are all kinds of wrinkles, but I’m cool with it.
Also, this cigar’s band is beautiful. That being said, It’s difficult to remove. I have a hard time not tearing these things when getting them off. But, I’d rather tear the band than the wrapper any day.
Victor Sinclair will tell you this is a full bodied stick. I happen to feel it’s medium.

I love the veins in this thing. Look at it… it looks like a skinny worm crawled up underneath it!
This is a beautiful cigar with cap tasting of spice and pepper. I’ve cut the caps of these with just about everything… scissors, punch, and regular cutters. They always have a perfect draw.

The beginning puffs of this cigar is amazing. This cigar produces beautiful smoke. Smooth and cold.You pick up a little bit of spice at the beginning, but that quickly gives way to chocolatey flavors.


Here is where I think these cigars are in their prime. They have a beautiful aroma of earth, tobacco, chocolate, and a little mocha or coco flavoring.



This cigar doesn’t change much in flavor around here. Burn is a little off on this one here but it corrected. The consistency is there and the texture of the wrapper still makes this box press cigar fun to hold.


You simply cannot go wrong with these. If you are new to cigars and want to try and excellent stick, this is a great cheap cigar for you. If anything, keep these in your humidor for that friend who never seems to bring a cigar to your house when you’ve made plans to smoke. Jose Dominguez did a great job with this cigar. I have smoked countless of these things and I still have an entire humidor just reserved for these… specifically the box pressed. I’ve tried all sizes, and I always prefer the box pressed of these. These are my typical go to sticks when I simply don’t want to have to decide on a cigar or I’m doing work outside be it yard work,garage work, washing the car, or just looking for a reason to be out.

Long ashes!